Consultation options
Are you struggling with
unwanted same-sex
Do you have a friend or family
member who is gay?
Do you want to know how to
effectively show them love
compromising your christian
Do you want to know how to
handle your feelings
compromising your christian
help from an
that has helped thousands of
people worldwide deal with the
issue of homosexuality in their own
lives and the lives of their loved
Chad Thompson is author of the book Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would: A Fresh Christian Approach.
Chad's book covers a multitude of subjects related to the issue of homosexuality. In Chad's book he:
*Tells his own story in a way that is both
relevant and captivating

*Offers encouragement and advice to those
with gay friends and loved one

*Gives hope to individuals struggling with
unwanted homosexual attractions yet feels
there is no way out

*Using his own life as a springboard, Chad
explains the known causes of homosexuality and
how God heals those who are affected by it

*Calls the church at large to higher ground in
the area of evangelism to the gay community

*Explains and exposes the roots of Christian
animosity towards gay and lesbian individuals

*Addresses the need and method for Christian
intervention in the teaching and endorsement of
homosexuality in America's public schools

*Analyzes and explains scientific research that
has been done to find a "gay gene"
If you schedule a
session with Chad,
he can help you put
the pieces in their
Do you
Are you
issue. Sometimes, trying to
understand it feels like putting
together a puzzle when you don't
have all the pieces.
Homosexuality is a complicated
During your consultation session, you
can ask questions about the above
topics, plus many more topics related to
the issue of homosexuality. This is your
chance to pick Chad's brain about
anything you want!
Personal consultation sessions are not to be
substituted for theraputic counseling. Though his
role may similiar to a therapist, Chad is consultant,
not a mental health counselor.*

Consultation sessions last one hour and are billed
at $60.00 per hour. To get started, select and pay
for the number of hours you wish to purchase.
After doing so, you will recieve an email from Chad
within 48 hours, at which time he'll schedule your
telephone consultation session.
....When my son first came out all I kept thinking was "I
don't get it." I wasn't upset with my son, but I was hurt,
angry and frustrated with the situation. My husband I
went to a Christian counselor that said we were to
treat our son like a drug-addict or a thief. No one
seemed to understand what I was going through, and I
didn't understand what my son was going through. As
it turned out, Chad had walked in my sons shoes and
understood what I and my son were dealing with. It's
rare that you find someone who understands
homosexuality as well as Chad does, and has such
compassion for those he helps. And it's amazing how
much comfort understanding can bring to a hurting
mom. Talking with Chad was really the beginning of my
healing process.
*None of the consulting services provided by Chad Thompson are to be construed as theraputic/counseling treatment
in any manner. Chad Thompson is not a licensed therapist/counselor. If you are in need to theraputic treatment or a
counselor, please consult a licensed professional.